Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally the editorial on Lalgarh

And as expected, N.Ram comes out in support of WB govt actions. That it might serve as no additional deterrent is not the debating point. WB govt has failed to make the (symoblic) gesture that it opposes the Maoists. It would have sent out a strong message to everyone that it indeed is serious about curbing the maoist violence. Alas, it chose to support its ideological partners at the cost of national interest. Habitual communist behaviour. Traitors.

And N.Ram, instead of condemning this in strongest language, hides behind legal subtilities. It is also important to understand that CPI-Maoist political venture is a blotched attempt. It is a political party no more than chindu is a balanced paper. There is no reason why CPI-Maoist should be given any negotiating space through political discussions. Naxalism is officially the biggest national security threat -- all the more reason to deal with it in all seriousness. Has not our official policy been recently updated to not negotiate with terrorists.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : The politics of proscription
Those who read too much into the fact that the West Bengal government has not done this forget that it is already a serious offence under the UAPA for a person to associate or profess himself or herself to be associated with a terrorist organisation (Section 38), to support such an organisation (Section 39), and to raise funds for it (Section 40). Given that the punishments under the UAPA are stringent in each case, it is doubtful whether anything much hinges on an additional proscription under another law.


Xinhua Ram said...

Meanwhile, in LiC's paradise..

Bengal faces an exodus of bureaucrats

Among some civil servants in a state that has for long been a Left bastion, there’s no mistaking a sense of frustration.

“If you work in Delhi, you can deliver because of better work culture. Also, in Delhi, there isn’t much political interference... Here, things don’t move”...

kuttychathan said...

For Ram and his f**kmates, there is only one kind of organisation that is worthy of a ban. Those organisations which promote hinduism.

By the way Ram's Brinda makes a comeback to chindu after a long period of absence.