Friday, June 26, 2009

Push for China

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Not a swipe-and-smile case. Providing multipurpose ID cards to 1.2 billion Indians and preventing their misuse won't be easy.
At a time when India is embarking on its own, equally ambitious project in UID, N.Ram chose to talk about China's healtcare plans. He then goes on to highlight how India is woefully short of China.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : China’s push for health
‘Health for all’ in a country with 1.33 billion people is a giant challenge. But it also presents a great opportunity, as China is telling the world.


kuttychathan said...

Please see the edit page article on Srilenka in today's chindu. It canonises the Lenkan government and demonises the Tamil Tigers... Ram & his fellow b*****ds have brought an ass all the way from Latin America, to bray for the Lenkan government. No ass in the world just can't beat chindu in asinine antics...

Anonymous said...

Not sure if Chindu carried the following details regarding the recent electoral post-mortem.

NEW DELHI: The sanctimonious comrades have acknowledged that their leaders too have feet of clay. The postmortem of the electoral verdict carried
out by CPM said infighting, corruption and bureaucratic attitude of its cadres were the reasons for the party's back breaking debacle.

If the report is true, then it is certainly damning. Whereas Chief is so much bothered about BJP, his own backyard is in a big mess and stinking.