Friday, June 26, 2009

News flash: Google banned in China, Chindu to build new official search engine

When you read the subject it might seem I'm bluffing or joking. But read this article by Ananth Krishnan (replacing the old dame who used to publish the Chinese Xinhua approved trite, I forget her name) you will see the truth :)
Chinese authorities on Thursday accused Internet giant Google of violating the country’s laws even as access to the widely used website remained disrupted for users in China since Wednesday evening.

I'm sure there's some ulterior motive for the ban, probably someone did not give a "gift" or grease some palms. The self righteous posing is simply ridiculous.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang did not comment on whether the disruptions had been caused by the government, but he did accuse the website of spreading “large amounts of vulgar content that is lascivious and pornographic” and of violating Chinese laws.

No wonder Chindu is barking in support of its master's tune.
Coming soon to China new PC's with some safety locks,
Last month, the government announced a controversial plan to install Internet-filtering software on all computers sold in China after July 1. The plan has been widely criticised by many Internet users who see the move as an effort by the government to widen censorship. Access to many websites and blogs, particularly those discussing politically sensitive subjects, is restricted in China.

Thanks to kuttychathan for bringing this up.

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