Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reds vs Reds

It just beats me: why are maoists fighting leftists? Are they not on the same left side? Maoists are christian terror groups. And christians have a long history of inter-conflict between denominations. Is the maoist leftist fight a fight between two christian denominations? Nice speculation, but you never know.
Reds vs reds: It's war in Lalgarh
Sporadic gun battles and killings for control of villages in rural Bengal that began after CPM's electoral debacle threaten to erupt into a full-fledged war.
India Maoist violence escalates
Three more workers of the ruling Communist Party are killed by suspected Maoist rebels in West Bengal state, Indian police say.
CPM cadres torch 55 Trinamul homes
Statesman News Service
DURGAPUR/TAMLUK, 16 JUNE: Widespread violence marked the CPI-M's 12-hour bandh in Burdwan today to protest against the murder of a panchayat functionary at Mongalkote yesterday. CPI-M cadres fired in the air in several areas of Kulti, Asansol and set at least 55 houses of Trinamul Congress activists at Mongalkote, Katwa ablaze.
Police scoot, rebels ravage
Lalgarh, June 15: Bengal police today deserted Dharampur, leaving the 30-year bastion of the CPM to the mercy of Maoists who unleashed a rampage apparently in the making at least since 2007.

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kuttychathan said...

I have never been to the north-east. But, if what I have gathered from news reports is correct, the cause of all problems is the influx of Bangladeshis into the north-east. People who have been living there for centuries, have been outnumbered, and their land alienated. CPM has been encouraging influx of Bangladeshis, to create a vote bank. Ultimately thie Frankenstein Monster is going to swallow them.

Xinhua Ram said...

Compare And Contrast These Two Editorials!!

Help resolve Lalgarh crisis

Social unrest is known to manifest itself as problems of law and order. But the reverse can also be true: sometimes, politically inspired violence seeks the cover of socio-economic grievances. Maoist outlaws who went on the rampage in the Lalgarh area of West Midnapore district of West Bengal, carrying out murderous attacks on workers of the ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist) and destroying their houses and party offices, were looking to settle political scores in t he guise of protesting ‘police atrocities.’

A shocking failure of security

.. there is an urgent need to go beyond law and order concerns and place the State's endemic caste and class violence in a larger socio-economic context. The uprising in the naxal belt of Bihar is a product of the social unrest engendered by decades of upper caste dominance. Stories of bonded labour suffering hardship at the hands of the land-owning upper castes are legion. The advent of the naxalites led to the birth of the warlike Ranvir Sena, a caste army raised by the Bhumihars to decimate the Maoists' support base. Needless to say, the Sena's primary targets were the poor and landless Dalits, who, in turn, looked to the naxals for protection and support. That the Maoists were able to mobilise thousands of their cadre for the jailbreak operation speaks to the extent of their support. It is vital that security is restored in Jehanabad at the earliest. It is equally important that administrators begin to address the long-neglected problems of the people.