Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CPM doublespeak

Ideology and all that bunkum once again stands exposed. Guys like Karat and his communist folk have repeatedly assaulted the sensibilities of Hindus. Inspite of they repeatedly going overboard, we have done little to counter them.

It is high time we put these guys on the defensive. Here are the basic thumbrules:
All communists are traitors unless proven otherwise.
CPM is a rabidly anti-Hindu, fundamentalist party.
CPI-Maoists / Naxalites are Christian terrorist organizations.

Dont bother about redefining Hindutva or fretting over its connotations. Begin by redefining communism -- especially in the Indian context. There is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that Indian communists have been and are working against national interests.

They indeed have a long history of traitorous behaviour. They were the British stooges during pre-independence. Then they took their salaries from KGB. And now they are the paid agents of China.

They supported China during the 1962 war. They hold that Arunachal Pradesh is part of China. They opposed India's nuclear tests but hailed China's. The list is very long and it just keeps going longer.

We have failed in getting the label "traitor" to stick to the communists. What a failure it is. Everytime the communists shout Hindutva, we should be clearing our throats and shouting back: "traitors". Instead we go back and try to make Hindutva more appealing to these traitors. BS.

The much touted Leftist ideology becomes irrelevant once the tag sticks. A Leftist will first have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that he has the country's interests foremost in his mind. Does it not automatically make him a "nationalist"?

We have given these Leftists a free ride for too long. It is time we made them play the game on our rules.

CPM doublespeak: It’s right when it is Right and wrong when it is Left
CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat, opposing the ban on the Maoists, said on Monday that his party’s line was to fight them “politically and administratively.” However, such a battle, it seems, is not possible with Right-wing extremists.

While he talked about combating the extreme Left “politically,” he conveniently forgot the numerous occasions on which his party had demanded ban and action against organisations such as the Bajrang Dal and VHP.
Karat's dual rule: Ban VHP but not Maoists - India - The Times of India
Opposing Centre's decision to put the Maoists on the list of outlawed groups on the ground that they are a terrorist outfit, CPM general secretary Prakash Karat said the ban would serve little purpose, and that the extremists should be combated politically and administratively.

"It is important because we have to isolate them from people with whom they have been forging relations, Banning them will hardly serve the purpose, as they will come up with a new name," the CPM boss said.

Karat's opposition was also at odds with the strong pitch that CPM has made for ban on VHP and Bajrang Dal, as well as the fact that the outlawed jihadi outfit SIMI remains a banned outfit also in Marxist-controlled West Bengal.


Xinhua Ram said...

Apparently, the Communists were all for Uniform Civil Code till the Jan Sangh/BJP took it up. Today, if you support UCC, you are communal.

T. Chaturvedi said...

This comment is not related to this topic, but I didn't know how else to reach you.

I was aghast after reading Natwar Singh's article in today's paper. Previously too, he wrote on Nehru sleeping with Mountbatten's wife!

Natwar Singh's articles are always very personal. He makes a full fledged attempt to show off to the reader that he played a very important role in many decisions; that he met a lot of world leaders; that he is just the right man to talk about foriegn affairs and so on.

Today's article also falls in the same caterogry. He gives us a laborious account of two events in which he was involved, and then links them to the personality of the Ayotallah and then says India should do something!!

Why does Chindu even accept such mediocre articles from a man whose record as the Foriegn Minister was abyssmal to say the least?

Anonymous said...

Katat-wallah has apparently backtracked on his comments and gratuitously offered 'clarifications':

CPM never sought ban on VHP: Karat

NEW DELHI: CPM general secretary Prakash Karat on Tuesday clarified that his party had never demanded a ban on Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

Reacting to news reports stating that in the past, CPM had demanded ban on VHP, Karat said, "We only demanded ban on Bajrang Dal after violence in Kandhamal. As for VHP and RSS, we have all along maintained that political organisations should not be banned."
So, we see that CPM has certified that VHP and RSS are good boys and need not be punished.

Now let us see if Chief writes an editorial on the status of VHP and RSS as political organisations as his own comrade-boss has "clarified" the situation.

Anonymous said...

Did Chindu report similar stuff?


Chinese media on India-bashing spree

China's official media is on an India-bashing spree. A spate of recent editorials have blamed India for ratcheting up tensions on the border issue by threatening to move troops to Arunachal Pradesh. In the latest offering in People's Daily, writer Li Hongmei said Indians harboured a mix of "awe, vexation, envy and jealousy — in the face of its giant neighbour".

The reason for this, according to Chinese media, is that India remains far behind its eastern neighbour, as China now struts the world stage as a superpower in the making............

People's Daily reserved its scorn for the government.

An editorial in Global Times on June 12 said, "India can't actually compete with China in a number of areas, like international influence, overall national power and economic scale. India apparently has not yet realised this...