Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scary note for pilgrims

Maybe I'm a bit suspicious of some wrong doing but as per Chindu, apparently something's going wrong with this year's Mansarovar pilgrimage.
One more Indian has died during the Kailash-Mansarovar pilgrimage, taking the number of deaths to eight, Indian Embassy sources said.


kuttychathan said...

I have recently seen a news report (where...I don't remember) saying that, in violation of guidelines for the yatra, several very old people are making the yatra, now. Perhaps, thay may be the reason why more yatris are falling ill or even dying during the yatra.

Anonymous said...

So, folks. Chindu got a brand new Readers' Editor!

Accroding to today's Chindu:

S. Viswanathan, Deputy Editor, Frontline, will take over as Readers' Editor of The Hindu on July 1, 2009. His appointment as independent, full-time internal news ombudsman of the newspaper is for two years. He will succeed K. Narayanan, 76, the quintessential professional who during his three-year tenure as Readers' Editor made a pioneering contribution and shaped the way the institution functions in India.

In case you are not aware or just forgot, Chindu reminds you:

In January 2006, The Hindu became the first newspaper in India to appoint an independent full-time Readers' Editor.

S. Viswanathan will be new Readers' Editor