Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When courting a particular vote bank is lauded

In an article titled, Ready for discussion with church leadership: CPI(M) the Chindu virtually lauds the CPM's approach of pacifying the Church leadership after they literally asked Christians to vote for the UPA government in the last elections.
The CPM literally begged the Churches to hold this discussion on the "education sector".
In what is a literal propaganda from a Left manifesto the article writes,
The CPI(M) stood for the welfare of all sections of people including Christians. Communists and Leftists had all along worked to preserve secularism in the country and safeguard minority interests. As such, the party considered it appropriate the Archbishop’s praise for the Left for the sanctuary it had provided for the minorities during the recent Orissa violence. It was not a path of confrontation with the church that the communists were looking forward to, but mutual understanding that would ensure social justice in various fields including the field of education, the CPI(M) State secretariat said.

Contrast this with the vigor with which Chindu would shout, if say the NDA government in Karnataka were to hold discussions with the Udipi Shankaracharya for opening Vedic schools! This level of pandering by the CPI-M should be rightfully condemned by any proper media outlet as votebank politics.


kuttychathan said...

According to Chindu, only Hinduism is regressive. As a corollary, anyone who holds talk with a Hindu leader must be reactionary. How can Chindu, a revolutionary news paper, suffer such reactionaries?

DD, please see the nice coverage chindu gave to the Iranian elections. Please read the editorial advising Barak Obama to curtsy to the newly elected revolutionary leaders of Iran. That is all because Islam is the only truly reveloutionary religion in the world.

Anon #1 said...

I was/am puzzled as to why chindu is making iran elections a major issue, going as far as to write edits about it.
Something is fishy...and I don't think it is just anit-hindu. Anyone know the inside story ??