Friday, June 19, 2009

Chindu - Kolkata edition launched

LiC announced the launch of the Kolkata edition.
The new edition printed and published in Kolkata is a first for West Bengal and the whole region. This edition is largely the one that was earlier printed in Delhi for readers in the eastern and northeastern region. There are, of course, appropriate changes on Page 1 and the Sports pages.

One thing which was not mentioned was that all local news would be reviewed by the Ganashakti editor :)


Anonymous said...

Is it not superfluous to have so many commie papers, that too in Kolkata? May be Chief wants to impress the comrades that Chindu can also contribute to the commie propaganda and publish made-in Beijing news.

kuttychathan said...

With the chindu going to Kolkota, the Kolkata based newspapers The Statesman & The Telegraph should start publishing from Tamil Nadu & Kerala, to take the Commie in his den.
With reference to the comment of anonymous friend... To the best of my knowledge English newspapers being published from Kolkata included TOI, Statesman & Telegraph. None of them support Commies or Jehadis. So Commies & Jehadis would offer all patronage to chindu.
The states with highest percapita English-Newspaper-reading population are Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Now TOI has made a much belated entry into Tamil Nadu. I wonder why none of the biggies has dared to take on chindu in Kerala.

Shyam said...

kuttychathan, has Pioneer made any impact in the Kerala newspaper market?

Btw Chindu's new Beijing correspondent, Ananth Krishnan, is an regular speaker in CPI(M)-controlled cultural and social fora.

Bhavananda said...

Which link "specifically" mentions that the Ganashakti editor will be reviewing the local news? The current one links to the web page of ganashakti. Is there a more specific link?

kuttychathan said...

Pioneer has almost disappeared from Kerala. Even when it was launched some 4 years ago, no one considered it as a serious contender. There are several reasons for its failure.

On almost all days, the total number of pages were less than ten. So the contents were not sufficient enough to satisfy serious readers.

Pioneer's price was less than half of the chindu or New Indain Express. In Kerala most of the newspaper copies are delivered to the door of readers by newspaper boys. Because of its low price, commission offered by pioneer was negligible when compared to what given by chindu or NIE. So, the newspaper boys refused to deliver copies of pioneer.

Most of all, in terms of quality & coverage of news, pioneer was light-years behind chindu.

Most of the readers expect their newspaper to be impartial. In this score too pioneer was not very different from chindu. Pioneer leaned towards BJP. And BJP has only a nominal presence in Kerala.

I feel the Deccan Herald of Karnataka, is one newspaper which can seriously challenge chindu's monopoly in Kerala, if it begins a Kerala Edition ,with bureaus in all places of Kerala.

Statesman of kolkata is another newspaper which has a reputation that matches chindu's. If statesman in association with a media partner who has sufficiently deep pockets, launches a Kerala Edition, that will be the end of chindu in Kerala.

kuttychathan said...

Shyam,... please clarify... Are you referring to Ananth Krishnan himself or Krishna Ananth? Krishna Ananth was an assistant editor of the chindu, earlier. He was a commie & hardcore secularist. As far as I know he is no longer working for chindu.

Ananth Krishnan is a new kid from Kasturi family, who is a rising star in the chindu. It is very unlikely that he is associaed with CPM.

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks. Well its just business diversification, trying to enter a new market. Maybe this edition will fold if there's not enough demand.

Dirt Digger said...

Great point. Chindu has had great relations with the unions. Not sure why TOI or IE has not entered Kerala.

Dirt Digger said...

The Ganashakti point was my tongue in cheek comment about this whole affair and not any official announcement by Chindu :)

Shyam said...

kuttychathan, thanks for your brilliant analysis vis-a-vis Pioneer.

You're has to be Krishna Ananth

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