Sunday, June 21, 2009

Differences in coverage of post electoral party meetings

Over a few posts we have discussed how Chindu covers the happenings within the various parties post 2009 elections. In what is worthy of an Ekta Kapoor mega serial by itself, the Chindu covers the sob story which according to it is the BJP's post electoral meeting. From Jaswant Singh crying to Maneka Gandhi accusing to Arun Shourie defending, this article has all the gory details of a post electoral bitch fest.
While this coverage appears to be a frank, but in some ways mean, coverage of the BJP's state of denial of losing, it still does not even coverage as it gave the CPM a more favorable coverage when it was hammered in the polls in the 2 states it contested.
Oh and this article was by a CBCNN favorite writer Neena Vyas.


Deshabhakta said...

they are just trying to prove again and again that it is indeed The Chindu and not The Hindu.

Anonymous said...

By being so concerned about BJP, Chindu seems to be acknowledging that BJP is indeed important by repeatedly poking its nose intoBJP's affairs!

On the contrary, the commies are being written off?

kuttychathan said...

The lead story of all Malayalam newspapers today is the demand made by Thomas Isaac, Kerala finance minister, for the removal of his boss the chief minister,Achuthanandan. The demand was made in the central committee of CPM, at New Delhi. As could be expected, chindu blacked out the news.

"...The long-term strengths of this newspaper have been independence, seriousness, newsiness, credibility, fairness, balance, and critical spirit.It has become clear to large numbers of readers as well as to those within the organisation who bear responsibility for the newspaper's future that these traits needed replenishment and reinforcement. In consequence, The Hindu has recently undertaken a restructuring and reorientation of its editorial operations, and indeed a correction of course...." These are words copied from the thundering editorial Ram wrote on Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003.

What should we call him???