Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming soon: Analysis of the "Letters to the Editor"

Jagannadhan Ravi has painstakingly compiled "Letters to Editor" over a period of 100 days -- a commendable job, which forced our Reader's editor to finally acknowledge. Before this, Ravi has repeatedly written to the editor but none of his letters saw the light. Now, Ravi has shared the spreadsheet with us. Very soon, we will bring it to you along with the analysis.

In the meantime, here is a partial list of events which , he notes, have not been covered during this 100 day period:
  • China's actions in the NSG
  • China's problems with milk contamination
  • OBC reservation: increase in threshold to 4.5 lakhs PA -- no editorial despite several letters condemning the move
  • China's doubt on Chandrayaan
  • Import of 88,000 kgs of milk-related products, possibly with melamine
  • Increase in the cost of Gorshkov
  • Gehlot/Ramdoss on Pub culture


Anonymous said...

Commendable effort. May be the Readers' Editor had acknowledged the efforts of Mr. Ravi, as a parting shot! Kind of settlement with Chief?

SK said...

Wow! I am very curious to see the analysis :) This Ravi guy is awesome!

Deshabhakta said...


Sindoor Bairavi said...

Thanks Ravi. Your effort in this regard is much appreciated.

Arun said...

Guys was this analsis ever published? Can the file be shared please?