Sunday, June 14, 2009

A welcome note to our new Reader's Editor

Good luck, Mr. K.Narayanan. As someone who followed your progress right from the beginning, I admit that you started off in a promising way until being repeatedly snubbed by the Editor-in-Chief. I am glad you chose to step down after 3 years rather than routinely degrade your ethics and self. If you still have the journalist in you kicking, we would love to have you on our team. :-)

Welcome, Mr. S.Viswanathan. I know the mandarins in chindu follow this blog and you might soon too. We are here with an objective not very different from yours. But thankfully, we don't take our pay cheque from N.Ram or China. Be warned that your new assignment as Reader's Editor can test some of those qualities you have proudly adhered to in the past.

The Hindu : Front Page : S. Viswanathan will be new Readers’ Editor
He brought to his journalism personal integrity, high standards of professionalism, a soft-spoken and modest style, and social commitment.


Anonymous said...

Coming with a "Frontline" background the new Reader's Editor would be expected to have a greater influence of Chief than did Mr. Narayanan (who was a direct Hindu product).

kuttychathan said...

At the very beginning of my comments let me apologise to all who happen to read my comments. I can't be as optimistic and civil as HF is.

First of all there is something amiss about the end of Narayanan's tenure. He left even without saying a goodbye. If I remember correctly, his last column which appeared in last Monday's paper ended with the words "To be concluded". It is evident that he has either left in a huff or been kicked out.

And, the new installation comes from the frontline's shed. So, he wouldn't have the prick of conscience of a truly impartial journalist,that Narayanan often had, because of his long association with the old Hindu, before it became the chindu.

So, Marxists, Evangelists and Jehadis, rejoice..... You have a new Xaviour in the Reader's Editor.

With Ram & his chaprasi from Frontline, leading chindu, chindu will ultimately be selling as many copies as the frontline now sells.

I earnestly hope that Ram will be the last editor of chindu and his Vish-chaprasi the last reader's editor.

Friends, please read the last last paragraph of the report about the appointment of the new reader's editor. It talks about the tall values the chindu is supposed to be following. What does the Kasturi family think of us, the readers?...asses?

kuttychathan said...

Friends...a clarification... The report I referred to in my earlier post ("...the last paragraph of the report..") is the report that has appeared in today's chindu about the appointment of vis-chaprasi...

And I have checked the last column of the reader's editor Narayanan which appeared on 8th June's paper. It indeed ends with the word "to be concluded". What went wrong? Somebody who is in the know, please tell us...

I, Me, Myself ! said...


Narayan writes a bi-weekly column, so I guess his farewell column will be on the 22nd. Given that the new guy will take over on July 1st, I am pretty sure there will be a farewell column next week.

kuttychathan said...

Hindu goes East

Posted Monday, Jun 15 20:27:41, 2009

The Hoot - Media Watch Brief..

"Recesssion in the media seems to be on its way out. The Times of India has decided to partially roll back the salary cuts announced some time back. And the Hindu which has recently tied up with NDTV in Chennai, will come out with an edition from Kolkata on the 19th June."

This is what I found in the media watch blog 'The Hoot'

Deshabhakta said...

i like this blog a lot. I quit reading Chindu because of its propaganda content. I was aghast by "From India Shining to India was shining". Next day itself I took the long pending decision - unsubscribe from The Chindu.