Friday, June 05, 2009

Wacky note in analysis of the Australian issue

Check out this article by Gopa Kumar on the Australian issue. There was an odd note here:
Thanks to Hollywood movies, it is said that even criminals fear the Chinese who are thought to be trained in the martial arts, compared to the peace-loving Indians.

Wow I thought Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajini and Singh is King showed exactly the opposite. But I've been wrong before.


Anonymous said...

How did Slumdog Millionaire portray the opposite? Didn't it make it seem like Indians lived in gutters? How can the Australian Police fear people from the gutter? Even if they are supposedly brainy enough to answer all the 15 questions on a show correctly! Also, Ghajini and Singh is King were not Hollywood movies... Slumdog Millionaire was. Your comment didn't make sense. (Unless you were being sarcastic? I'm confused!)

I think for once Chindu *may* have made the right analysis.

Anonymous said...

Chindu prides itself as a crusader against feudalism in our neighbourhood (Tibet and Nepal). But, surprisingly Chindu seems to have such a fascination and loyalty to the British "Crown"!

There is a report by Chindu's reporter in Paris, who perhaps has run out of "stories". Hence, the following report, splashed prominently on the last page of the print edition:

"Sarkozy's diplomatic gaffe"

Vaiju Naravane

Fails to invite Queen for Normandy anniversary.

"By failing to invite Britain's Queen Elizabeth for the 65th commemoration of the Normandy landings that marked the beginning of the end of World War II, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has committed a serious diplomatic gaffe."

This is a problem between France and Britain. What is Chindu's stake in this affair? Does Chief want to play more loyal than the British subjects to the "Queen"?

In case we commoners are ignorent, we are reminded by Ms. Vaiju N about the Queen "who took part in the war effort when still a young princess....". How touching!

Then she goes on to mock the French govt. "Paris desperately tried to gloss over the gaffe by putting the blame on Mr. Brown."

In case you underestimated the stature of the "Queen", beware:

"But of course the Queen and her entourage cannot be invited at the drop of a hat and although she has decided to deputise Prince Charles to represent her, the French have ended up with egg on their face."

In all this you can feel the colonial hangover, particularly the usage of "The Queen", and not some queen. The queen is not even mentioned as the "British Queen" as if there is only one queen in the whole of the world!

Shankar said...

Please allow discussion on Pilid's post by not posting anything new for 2 days, unless very important. Usually, the latest post attracts most of the comments. I hope I conveyed it properly.

Dirt Digger said...

Not a problem. I understand. Lets keep the focus on this issue.