Sunday, October 10, 2010

Who is Sonia cheering for in the CWG?

cHindu has a snap of Sonia and Prince ignorant Rahul cheering on someone in the CWG.

Wonder who they are cheering for? India or Pakistan?


Nishka said...

Cheering at the thought of the 15000 crores they have stashed away from CWG loot.

Karmasura said...

Errmm.. do you have a snap of them at the end of the match? It would then be easier to make a statement.

Dirt Digger said...

Of course the Gandhi fund keeps growing.... the people in the crowd shouldve booed them at least.

Dirt Digger said...

haha yeah there was one with them sad that India won. But it was censored ;)

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Anonymous said...

Miracles are classified in Chindu's own politically correct way. Thus, we have the recent stunning rescue of trapped miners in Chile depicted as a "secular miracle".

According to Mr. Ram,"The workers whose bare-chested images in their sweltering dwelling had become familiar to people worldwide were reborn, thanks to a modern-day secular miracle."

So we have miracles, secular miracles and possibly "communal miracles" if we go by Mr. Ram's logic. One may have to wonder about the category in which miracles of the "Mother" Teresa type would fall into.

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Dent Ford said...
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