Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Return of Kasim Sait to cHindu

This "avid reader" of cHindu has nothing but the highest of praise to anything done by LiC and his minions. So its a pleasant surprise to his thoughts on the words of Arundhati Roy on the Kashmir issue:
The editorial “‘Sedition' versus free speech” (Oct. 27) is a classic defence of free speech, which only a steadfast defender of freedom of speech like The Hindu can make. The noisy clamour made by the BJP is a damp squib, as shown by the strong support extended to this cause by none other than the BJP's own fellow traveller, Ram Jethmalani. Why can't a writer, a painter, an educationist or a creative artist express his or her views freely in a liberal democratic country like ours? Why has one to constantly look over one's shoulder for expressing one's opinion and for not being termed a seditionist or one who has hurt somebody's religious or other kind of feelings? Should not our civil society draw upon the lead provided by such bold media initiatives as that of The Hindu and struggle to build a movement to usher in a really sincere liberal society, rather than the one dictated by the whims of extremist elements in society?
Kasim Sait,

This is probably the only time you will hear "bold media initiatives" and cHindu being associated in the same sentence.


Sudhir said...
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Sudhir said...

DD - I have a serious charge to level against you. In your obsession with Sir Kasim Sait, you have ignored the gems that have flowed from readers who surpass his intelligence!

Sample this (5th letter) - "Over the years, Ms Roy has become the voice of the voiceless, the true conscience of our nation. She speaks the truth at a time when the media, by and large, have abdicated the responsibility. Her courage is admirable, and it is a matter of pride that she is among us."

3rd letter - "Ms Roy is a soft target, a focal point for extremist forces. Vandals destroy a place of worship and we reward them by granting them the land on which it stood. For each stone thrown in Kashmir, we retaliate with bullets. What a tolerant society we are!" - Merlin Flower!

The best vote goes to the 8th letter. By some Agha guy from Hyderabad! Why rue abt polluted lakes in Srinagar, when that same shit is present in Hyderabad too, beats me totally! And to top it all, it gets published!!

Also, look at this link -

All letters "against" what Roy said are so subdued in nature that it is impossible to believe no editing went into them!

Hail LiC - the torch bearer of Freedom of Speech!


kuttychathan said...

The chindu has shortlisted entries for their best fiction award. I wonder why they have left out their darling Arundhati. Her pamphlets are best examples of imaginary vituperative fiction.

The likes of Ram & Arundhati make use of all the best opportunities globalisation & liberalisation offer. They lead the kind of luxuary life people like us can never even dream of. They never practice what they preach. That is why we hate them.

On the other hand people like Aruna Roy and Medha Patkar lead simple life and try to practice what they preach. That is why there is allround admiration for them, even though many people may not agree with their views.

Kafir2012 said...

Wow, taking from Kasim Sait's comments, the cHindu newspaper should be emboldened to publish the cartoons from the Danish newspaper on the Prophet and promote freedom of expression.
Such initiatives will prove the journalistic credentials of the cHindu and promote more "libertarians" to come out in the public "without having to look behind their shoulder"!