Friday, October 01, 2010

Neena Vyas's rancid reporting

Neena Vyas is evidently frothing at her mouth over the Ayodhya issue. She is letting out all the bile in her stomach through some acidic articles on BJP by freely mixing news with rancour.

In the below articles on Ayodhya, it is hard to distinguish where the news ends and her personal opinions begin. She takes it up as her personal agenda to discredit BJP's statements. So instead of reading BJP's press release, we end up reading Neena Vyas's personal opinion on BJP's statement. Contrast this with how Brinda Karat's views are reported.

The Hindu : Front Page : We now have answer for critics of Ram temple plank, says BJP

The Hindu : News / National : Advani sidelined on Ram temple issue
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Xinhua Ram said...

Muslim Indians reacted with much more tolerance than the JNU types. Contrast these two:

Indan Muslims:
Am I happy about the judgement? Yes, very happy; not only I but my entire family. The relief following the verdict on the contentious Ayodhya issue was so great that my 28-year-old son gave his parents a lavish dinner...

JNU Types:
Social activist Shabnam Hashmi says this judgement makes her feel like “a second class citizen”, Irfan Habib has said this “compromise judgement” has come at the cost of “history and facts”

kuttychathan said...

I do agree...

See.. Indian Muslims, by and large, have welcomed the Ayodhya verdict.

The Chindu is now trying hard to rouse Muslim passions

kuttychathan said...

One more point...

It is high time that the members of Kasturi family came together to throw out LIC, Maa Loony and their gangsters from The Hindu, if they want the paper to survive

Xinhua Ram said...

Shameless Neena Goes On and On
It is becoming clearer by the day that when the Bharatiya Janata Party and the larger Sangh Parivar talk of “reconciliation” between Hindus and Muslims post-Ayodhya verdict, they simply mean that Muslims must voluntarily give up all claims to any portion of the disputed land on which the Babri Masjid stood till December 1992.

Even EnRam once admitted that Neena Vyas was mixing news with views. The lady seems to have no sense of shame

tattvaanveShaNam said...

>>Irfan Habib has said this “compromise judgement” has come at the cost of “history and facts”<<

It takes a certain type of deceit and dishonesty for someone who has spent decades engineering history and whitewashing facts to talk of "history and facts".

If anything the Allahabad HC ruling brutally exposes the manufacturing of facts and imagined histories that professional history engineers have resorted to: