Sunday, October 03, 2010

Muslims happy; secularists aghast

Muslims seem to have accepted the verdict as a way forward and this response from the Shia group deserves applause.
The Hindu : National : Shia group offers donation to Ram temple
Opposing any move to appeal against the Allahabad High Court verdict in the Ayodhya dispute, a Shia youth organisation here announced a donation of Rs.15 lakh towards the construction of the much-debated Ram temple at Ayodhya.

“I feel the board should take an initiative to end the dispute for good,” Hussaini Tigers chief Shamil Shamsi asserted on Saturday, saying that Muslim leaders must stick to their word of abiding by the verdict.
However, our secular intellectuals seem to be aghast at the verdict. Given that their career growth hinges upon communal violence, any sort of hindu-muslim compromise would set their alarm bells ringing. So they have taken up the mantle of islamic rage boys and are spilling red ink on the pages of chindu. The same bunch of people who have called for abiding by the verdict are now questioning the courts.

The Hindu : Front Page : Ayodhya verdict yet another blow to secularism: Sahmat
The Hindu : Front Page : A political statement, says Arundhati Roy

This contrast has also been highlighted by our reader Xinhua Ram in an earlier comment:

Muslim Indians reacted with much more tolerance than the JNU types. Contrast these two:

Indan Muslims:
Am I happy about the judgement? Yes, very happy; not only I but my entire family. The relief following the verdict on the contentious Ayodhya issue was so great that my 28-year-old son gave his parents a lavish dinner...

JNU Types:
Social activist Shabnam Hashmi says this judgement makes her feel like “a second class citizen”, Irfan Habib has said this “compromise judgement” has come at the cost of “history and facts”


Xinhua Ram said...

From The Economic Times:
At a time when the Samajwadi Party and the Lok Janshakti Party have embarked on a mission to fan discontentment among Muslims over the title suits verdict, 90-year-old Mr Ansari, one of the four litigants to the case, has initiated moves to hammer out an out-of-court settlement to the six-decade-long dispute.

(read further and you get the real picture)

While LJP had drawn a blank in Bihar in the Lok Sabha polls held last year, Mr Yadav’s outfit too saw the Muslims deserting it in favour of alternative platforms such as BSP and Congress in UP.

(Muslim Indians don't want to be used as vote banks anymore. The future of these political outfits doesn't look very bright)

Meghana said...

Shias never had an issue will the Ram temple inspite of the fact that Mir Baqi, the builder, of the Mosque was a Shia himself. It is the Sunni Waqf Board that is the real aggressor here. Sunnis, funded by the Saudis, will never concede an inch to the Kafir. Hindus will have to fight for every inch of their beloved motherland. The future does look bright for the Hindus.

Meghana Iyer