Sunday, October 10, 2010

cHindu recomends azaadi to Kashmir

The jerks at Anna Salai have added one more to their growing brood. In an article by Dr. Vithal Rajan - The Kashmir imbroglio: thinking the unthinkable , the author recommends giving Kashmir its freedom by offering it on a platter to Pakistan. He follows that up with several ideas which in normal circumstances would put him in an asylum. But since he writes for cHindu, he would be in an editorial positions as his opinions suck up to those of LiC.
If Indian troops are out of Kashmir, would it jeopardise the security of Indians? Not really. The mountainous barrier between the Kashmir Valley and India is a better defensive line to guard than the present long untenable frontier of the Line of Control. Should we be there in Kashmir against all odds out of moral obligation, because the people of the Valley are dependent on our protection?

While I agree with the writer that Kashmiris have hated India, speaking to many they would prefer India to the hell hole currently known as Pakistan.
The writer then goes on to state foreign policy which has nothing to do with this article,
It has taken Great Britain 60 years to realise it is no longer the centre of an empire. Indian rulers have yet to realise they are no longer in charge of ‘the jewel in the crown.' Indians are not the leaders of Asia — the Chinese are.

Even an egomaniac like Late Pandit Nehru had no illusions that India was the de facto leader of Kashmir. The current leaders have no such illusions of grandeur. Then he states how India should forget the hapless citizens of Tibet,
India should not play dirty pool with China, and harbour Tibetan governments-in-exile. Let it not be forgotten that one of the causes of the India-China border war of 1962 was the covert activities of the CIA from Indian bases.

And states India should become a surrogate or puppet to China,
India should mend its fences pronto with China, and accept the glaring fact that they are bigger, and better

I'm sure LiC would be happy rubbing his cats belly like one Dr. Evil reading this sentence. I'm surprised it was not headlined.
Though I do agree with the writer's last statement which should be extended to Kashmir immediately.
India might have to redraw the frontiers, absorbing Jammu and Ladakh into India without any special status. Whatever the final shape of the outcome, India must be proactive in demanding an immediate international settlement of a problem created by Nehru.


B Shantanu said...

Thanks for highlighting this...
The article is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

"India should mend its fences pronto with China, and accept the glaring fact that they are bigger, and better".

So, China is bigger and better AND Bharat is smaller and weaker. That's the (un)equation. In essence, we folks are useless.

Now that the truth has been revealed, both the author and the editor are eminently qualified to receive "Chini Ratna" (or whatever equivalent) award. Chief is already a "Lanka Ratna".

cbcnn_Pilid said...

The idea that Kashmir must be allowed to secede is increasingly being promoted in leftist circles. This is only the latest. No media outlet has officially editorialized in favor of it but they have now actively begun to publish pieces in favor of this goal. EPW published an article recently calling for including a secession clause in the Indian constitution. This article is along similar lines. The editor of Outlook has also generally indicated his support to grant Kashmir "azadi".

Few people from the Right have however begun to engage these supposedly "intellectual" arguments which is something of a concern because unless confronted, such views easily gain currency amongst a political leadership sympathetic to jholawallah opinion in New Delhi.