Saturday, October 09, 2010

Baseless, irrational beliefs

The Aryan Invasion Theory has been discredited and Lemuria has been relegated as fictional, but the patriarch of Dravidian separatism continues to indulge in the charade. Karunanidhi romanticises Dravidian history while scoffing at Aryan civilisation. It paid rich political dividends in the past but the world has moved on since. But he clings on to his baseless, irrational beliefs on the mythical Aryan invasion and Dravidian subjugation.
The Hindu : Front Page : “Rama's birthplace traced, but not Raja Raja's memorial”
“But the Aryan civilisation that tried to upstage the Dravidian race is keen on only inculcating irrational beliefs in the people without any basis.”


Anonymous said...

Nothing prevented Thiru Mu Ka from carrying out/sponsoring research, excavations etc. on Raja Raja Cholan's history. After all, this can be a nice conduit to siphon off a few hundred crores of govt. money.

Why shoud Thiru Mu Ka have to despise "Aryan" Rama to find out the truth about his favourite "Dravidian" king? Though Thiru Mu Ka pretends to be a rationalist, it looks like he considers himself to be the reincarnation of the various Chola kings! And he also hails from Thanjavur district!!

Anonymous said...

Today's Chindu is somewhat special in that a Sunday edition featurered an editorial! With the BJP-led govt. in Karnataka facing an existential crisis, Chief would not want to lose a golden opportunity to fish in troubled waters.

But, more interesting is the "Open Page" article by one Dr. Vithal Rajan, unabashedly pro-Chinese and anti-Indian. A similar antinational article in Peoples Daily would never have been published. Even the manuscript would have procured an invitation for the writer to face the firing squad.

Some samples to taste:

Indian rulers have yet to realise they are no longer in charge of 'the jewel in the crown.' Indians are not the leaders of Asia — the Chinese are.

If India wishes to be considered a good second to China, it should not fritter away its resources on nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, or Commonwealth Games.

And India should not play dirty pool with China, and harbour Tibetan governments-in-exile.
Funnily the article is about Kashmir!

"The Kashmir imbroglio: thinking the unthinkable"