Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fwd: Temple "affected" during muslim invasion

"affected" by muslim invasion in what way? may be, it was very touched by the invader's kindness. the temple administrators must have been so moved that they chose to write about the barbarians in both stone and copper, hoping that atleast one will survive the iconoclasts. 

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From: Anonymous 

Here is another specimen of selective secular reporting by Chindu.

In the most recent Friday Review (which incidentally is one of the few redeeming features of The Hindu), there is a report on the Siva temple in Mahendra Mangalam (Tiruchi District).

We are told (with due secular care and attention) that the temple built by the Maratha rulers, was "affected during the Muslim invasion." The report also mentions that inscriptions on stone and copper vouch for these facts.

Here is the history of a temple, situated deep inside, in the heart of Tamil Nadu being "affected" due to the Muslim invasion. Then one can imagine about how the temples in northern India (directly exposed to the Muslim invasion, in the first line of attack) would have been "affected".

But, one has to be thankful for small mercies from a secular citadel, for allowing such communal terminologies as (Hindu) temples getting "affected" and that too due to "Muslim invasion".

On the banks of the Cauvery

This Siva temple is in Mahendra Mangalam.


kuttychathan said...

Well HF.. It may not be a 'mercy'. The sentence could have managed to give a slip to the watchful eyes of the sickular mullahs of chindu. A poor sub editor may even lose his job for the slip.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

it does look like a slip by the vigilant secular historians/custodians of chindu. it probably got away because the news itself is not a prominent one.