Saturday, October 09, 2010

Interesting analysis on post Ayodhya life

Hat tip to Sudhir for analyzing this article. Please read his expert opinion here.
Some sections from Sudhir's article here,
Sample this - "
However, most people added a caveat: This did not imply unreserved acceptance of the verdict. I reminded them of the Muslim promise that the community would honour the verdict, no matter how it went."

Why was that "reminder" needed, Vidya? Did they say they are not honouring the verdict? Did anyone say "You know what, we ain't care a hoot about the verdict, what follows is pure violence"? They just said they don't agree with it. Now, from when did that become a crime? They are well within their rights to disagree with the judgement, and yet decide to move on.

Of the many writers in cHindu, Vidya Subrahmaniam is a slightly different kind. She has the narrative of a story teller and the pace of a dhobi mule. Her opinions though stick to the age old cHindu stereotypes of young Muslims being peaceful and pain against the Indian state.
Guess old dogs cant be taught new tricks.


kuttychathan said...

I still find several BJP state governments giving plenty of ads to the Chindu. By doing so, what the BJP is really doing is to finance the anti-Hindu propaganda of Chindu. Congress has a tradition of denying govt ads to media hostile to it. Why can't the BJP learn a few lessons from Congress? Moreover, it is time for Hindu organisations to organise a mass boycott of the Chindu. It is said that RSS did it successfully against the Malayalam daily Mathrubhumi,some years ago, when it suddenly decided to become 'sickular'.

Dirt Digger said...

Yeah its probably more to do with the cHindu's good marketing group as well. They manage to convince BJP supporters that there are lot of Hindus still reading their newspaper and give them cut throat rates.
Given the competition between Deccan, TOI and cHindu, they would be offering bargain basement rates to keep with the competition.