Sunday, October 31, 2010

N.Ram opposes triple talaq

In a rare display of courage, N.Ram writes against the practise of talaq, calling it regressive, arbitrary and undemocratic. Earlier, N.Ram called the burqa an oppressive garment. Are we seeing a change of heart? I bet not. It will be interesting to hear what he thinks of alimony, an issue linked to talaq and highlighted in Shah Bano case.  When the issue resurfaced recently, there was the usual denial from N.Ram and the media.
The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Divorce in a trice
... reflects the regressive tendency among a section of the Muslim clergy to support the practice of triple talaq. This arbitrary form of divorce, which gives Muslim men the right to divorce their wives instantaneously by uttering or writing the word ‘talaq' thrice, has no place in a modern democratic society.


kuttychathan said...

HF,whether Ram opposes triple talaq or is silent on alimony, what is really troubling is chindu's obsession with Islam & Muslims.

Anonymous said...

To be filed under the category 'I kid thee not':... what was the name of the accused again?

From Express India:
... the civic poll victory of one of the accused in the professor's hand chopping case was due to the support of Congress-led UDF.
Prof Anus, an accused in the case, had won from Vanchinad block division ...

kuttychathan said...

HF, Please read between the lines of the editorial "Divorce in a trice".

"Significantly, triple talaq or ‘talaq-e-bidah' has no sanction in the Koran", Ram says in his editorial.

What if triple talaq had sanction in the Koran? Had Ram adviced Muslims to follow Koran?

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

indeed, n.ram seems to have give himself some wriggle room. we know halal slaughter of kafirs is sanctioned and so is iconoclasm. wonder what his stand on that is.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

it looks like n.ram got some of his facts wrong.
The editorial says triple talaq “has no place in a modern democratic society.” Let me point out that it does have a place in the Shariah. The Koran does nor categorically prohibit it. The editorial further says that triple talaq has no sanction in the Koran. May I ask which “aayath” (verse) of which “surah” (chapter) declares it “mamnoon” (not permissible) or “haraam” (unlawful)?

S.M. Pasha,