Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fwd: The never-ending special status proopaganda

well written comment. abolishing of privy purses is a very good point. there is no reason to continue with special status for kashmir. hyderabad was forcibly integrated into the union by annexation. what we need is the political will for integration and not devolution of power.

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Chindu gleefully beats the Kashmiri separatists' drum.

In today's editorial Chindu's Chief thunders about the concept of "special status for the troubled State" because "Kashmir had not merged with the Union of India but had only acceded to it under an agreement".

The ediotiral continues to pontificate:

"By underlining the fact that while Kashmir had adhered to the Indian Union, it had been promised by the makers of India's Constitution that the unique circumstances of its accession would be respected, the Chief Minister was building the case for a substantive devolution of powers to the State."

Note the key words such as special status, acceded under an agreement, respecting unique circumstances of its accession, substantive devolution of powers etc. etc.

Nearly 500 or so kingdoms, chota and burrah, acceded/merged with the Indian Union. What is so special about Kashmir which we can not find with the erstwhile kingdoms of Baroda, Gwalior, Mysore, Patiala, Travancore etc.?

What about the constitutionally guranteed promise of privy purse (to the ex-rajahs) which was subsequently abolished?

Why can't Chindu fight the case for greater federalism, pleading for special status, substantive devolution of powers for all the states of the Indian Union? Why only for Kashmir?

Why can't Mr. Ram come out openly and declare Kashmir is special because of the religion of the majority of the population (Jammu is just an appendage anyway).
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seadog4227 said...

Especially significant that Omar Abdullah and the Chindu used the same phrases and terminology.
The family that brays together, stays together!