Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bhookey-nangey Hindustan

Mary Roy winning a court case made it to news solely because she is the mother of Arundhati Roy. Surely, Arundhati Roy's call for secession and her description of Hindustan as "bhookey-nangey" should have meant a lot more to the readers. But most of the ELM seems to have simply ignored her comments or mentioned it in passing while putting the focus on Geelani. Chindu, too, simply ignored the inflammatory parts of Arundhati Roy's speech, while reporting on the event. Why so? Is this some form of page 3 journalism glorifying the trivial? No, this is secular reporting.
Arundhati Roy’s mother gets property share after 24 years
Twenty-four years after the Supreme Court’s historical judgment giving equal rights to Syrian Christian women along with their male siblings on family property, a sub court in Kottayam on Wednesday executed the final decree in favour of litigant Mary Roy.

Mary Roy, a celebrated champion of women’s fight for equality and gender justice, is mother of Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy.
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the open call to Kashmiris to secede from “bhookey-nangey Hindustan” by author-activist-anarchist Arundhati Roy who incited students of Aligarh Muslim University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Delhi University to “fight for the cause of separate Kashmir… a cause that is your future”.


Anonymous said...

"Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy" (beware she is no ordinary A. Roy) seems to be terribly unhappy being a citizen of Hindustan, perhaps even ashamed of being so.

So, we can help her by giving suitable suggestions to relocate herself to a truly deserving place.

To start we can recommend places such as:

North Korea

Other readers can generously contribute to this list. We can narrow down and short-list a couple of ideal/idyllic countries for her continued well being and anti-Hindustan crusade.

Anonymous said...

why is people having this majoritorian chauvanism??... isn't it true that kashmir has been under opression from indian armed forces?......... ask our military men who are posted in kashmir at sometimes of their life.., they will tell tales about how alienated people in kashmir are to the indian nation...... isn't human rights more vital than nationalism........ afterall its just liking for the land..

kuttychathan said...


What about Afghanistan and Iraq?

Anonymous said...


Arundhati Roy would certainly love Afghanisthan and Iraq, particularly a hyper-Talibanised Afghanistan.

Even Saudi Arabia, which strictly follows the Sharia code, would be pleased to welcome secular Arundhati Roy.