Monday, October 25, 2010

China imposes Mandarin in Tibet

China has imposed Mandarin as the primary language for all students in Tibet, replacing the native Tibetian language. This is part of a plan to replace all Tibetian books within the next 5 years and teach mandarin going forward.
This has been relegated to the footnote by most Indian media outlets including "honest" journalists like LiC and his rag the cHindu.
We will be providing updates on this issue on a frequent basis.
Hat tip to Kuttychathan and Xinhua Ram for alerting us to this issue.


dedlype said...

Not in Tibet, dorkballs, but Chinghai province. Get you frickin geography rite

Dirt Digger said...

Hey moron, the protests are happening in many places in Tibet. The imposition is part of Greater tibet. You should understand your geography. How much is the Chinese Government paying you to post these rubbish comments?

Xinhua Ram said...

Other dailies report this:
China to continue issuing stapled visas to Indian residents of J&K.

Chindu reports this:
A formal proposal to ban the eating of dogs has been submitted to China's National People's Congress

(I should admit that I am encouraged to hear this -- future generations of Chinese leadership, who are not raised on dog meat!)

Meghana said...

cHindu's Ram is indeed the "useful idiot" in India that China must relish having.


dedlype said...

Hey moron to urself dirty digger - Tibs in Chinghai being taught in Tib lingo is like Karnatakans in Maharashtra being taught in Carnatic n not Maharashtrian. So if tomrow Shiv Sena says no more karnatik if they are gonna be in the state and not study Maharshtrian, that is the analagy with the Chinese government. Tibs cannot expect full language rights in so called greater tibet any more than karanatakans can talk of greater karanatak and demand studies in karnatik language.

Anonymous said...

As usual you bums selectively ignore the articles critical of china they publish -- including on this same issue!

the hypocrisy of you idiots is both breathtaking and hilarious