Friday, October 01, 2010

Romila Thapar questions ASI's professional expertise

Our eminent historian is quickly off the blocks. Romila Thapar questions the professional expertise of Archaeological Survey of India. On what basis? Heck, how dare you question the "eminent historian"!
It is immaterial that Romila Thapar became an "eminent historian" of early India without having any knowledge of Sanskrit. Her understanding of ancient India, its language, history and culture is based not on primary sources but interpretations and translations. Talk of professional expertise, pot, kettle, black...
The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : The verdict on Ayodhya: a historian's perspective
The excavations of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and its readings have been fully accepted even though these have been strongly disputed by other archaeologists and historians. Since this is a matter of professional expertise ...


Dinesh PC said...

Good for Thapar. She is back in business, back in the news and back to be hired by Muslims to supply them with made-up history.

Except that, if the Muslims use her expertise, the chances of their case standing up in the Supreme Court are close to nil.

UberHF said...

HF, there is another reason for this dumbass Thapar to moan - she was one of the witnesses called in connection in this very case. This barking lunatic Romila Thapar was witness number 66 for Sunni waqf board islamic fanatics.

(a) - Witness No. 63 - R.S. Sharma
(b) - Witness No. 64 - Suraj Bhan
(c) - Witness No. 65 - D.N. Jha
(d) - Witness No. 66 - Romila Thapar
(e) - Witness No. 70 - Irfan Habib
(f) - Witness No. 72 - B.N. Pandey
(g) - Witness No. 95 - K.M. Shrimali
(h) - Witness No. 99 - Satish Chandra
(i) - Witness No. 102 - Gyanendra Pandey

How many times this shameless hag and our eminent historians have to put the foot in their mouth to realize that nobody takes their revisionist history seriously. Lyin' Romila had yellow stuff hit her face earlier too - chief proponent of discredited Aryan Invasion (now migration). Now, with Ayodhya also to show up in her kitty of lost cases, it is plastered with black ink. LMFAO! These jokers deserve it

gopi said...

I am disappointed that there is no suitable reply to the blabbering by Siddharth Varadarajan.(Hindu 1-10-2010 14th page) He as CHindu Ram's henchman has vomitted venom unable to digest the Ayodhya verdict. He warns that unless the verdict is amended by supreme court it would be exremely damaging to the nation. Alas! there is no suitable law in this nation to trap such dangerous species like him .

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks for the info. that explains a lot, doesn't it.

we now have a post on it. s.v's is easily one of the worst written on the verdict.

Meghana said...

Thapar's empire has already crashed. She is no longer sought after in any Western History Department. This verdict corroborates the fact.

Meghana Iyer

Anonymous said...

This so-called historian had written a book called "Early India".

Among the gems apparently found in this book of history (or fiction?), the following are representative: Christianity influenced Madhvacharya's doctrines
and the Bhakti movement of the South "may have been" influenced by