Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Mushy confirms Pak sponsored terrorism

Former Pak prez Pervez Musharraf confirmed what all (other than writers in cHindu) have said all along that Pakistan has been training and funding terrorism in India over the last few decades.
In an interview to Der Spiegel, General Musharraf said militant groups “were indeed formed” to fight India in Kashmir.

Now that their former President has accepted their culpability in this issue, can we go ahead and flush out the rats in Kashmir?
Not so surprisingly the Indian media has been slow in jumping on this issue to force Pakistan to officially address this issue. The next time you hear someone in the media claim how the people of Pak are not to blame for this, you should forward this article to them.


Xinhua Ram said...

China Triggering International Currency War
"There is clearly the idea beginning to circulate that currencies can be used as a policy weapon," IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn said.

Brazil fired the latest shot this week in what its finance minister dubbed an "international currency war," doubling a tax on foreign investors buying local bonds to 4.0 percent to curb its strong currency.

Meghana said...

Now that cHindu writers have egg on their face, we shall hopefully have the unreasonable cHindu demand for diluting AFSPA on the backburner for sometime.

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Its really frustrating..

Xinhua Ram said...

China denounces award of Nobel Prize to dissident

Wants it for EnRam, rather