Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yet another double speak

Chindu gives unsolicited advise on how constitutional authorities must function. But, as usual, the same does not apply when its friends are in trouble.

Under the Indian Constitution, it is surely not the job of a Governor to offer public judgments on how an elected government should have handled a tricky situation

-CBCNN's reaction to WB governor's observations on the Nandigram fiasco.

Today, you have the commies questioning the EC's decision to hold the Gujarat elections in 2 phases. (Note that they are not bothered about Himachal. No prizes for guessing why.)

The EC knows when and how to conduct elections. It is none of the commies' business.

Also, they were the ones who vociferously opposed a 7 phase election in WB and a 3 phase election in Kerala. Why do they want the EC to do the same in Gujarat?So, what is 'wrong' in WB is right in Gujarat?

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Anonymous said...

The Election Commission and the Supreme Court are the two favourite whipping boys of the commies and Chindu, as ever, is faithful to its masters.