Monday, October 08, 2007

Well done HT. Shame on you Chindu

I am no fan of HT. But, just look at its objectivity .

No hiding facts.No using convoluted logic to defend the indefensible.No hatred.No bias.No hidden agenda.No hesitation in calling a spade a spade. Just good journalism.

Compare the two edits.

Look at HT's coverage.

If the stay represented a setback to the project, the Centre’s affidavit questioning the existence of Ram and subsequently backtracking on it with more than an apology saw Karunanidhi, the self-proclaimed rationalist, stretching his limits.

He first asked in which engineering Ram had graduated to build a bridge, then called him a drunkard and finally declared Ram was as big a lie as the Himalayas and Ganga were true.

CBCNN did not report the statement.
Protesting against Ram Vilas Vedanti’s ‘fatwa’, his partymen unleashed violence against the BJP in the state.

For CBCNN, it was "alleged" DMK men.

To move ahead of his rivals, Karunanidhi called for a bandh only to be checkmated by the AIADMK, which dragged him to the High Court and then the Supreme Court. Karunanidhi’s response was to go on a hunger strike for a day, but the Supreme Court spoilt even that by hinting at constitutional breakdown. It also warned of President’s Rule in the state. When the AIADMK moves its contempt petition later this week the DMK and its government could be in for more judicial trouble.

The bandh move also backfired at Karunanidhi. “On the one hand you want to sell Tamil Nadu as an investment destination, while on the other you impose something so retrograde as a bandh,” observed a leading industrialist.

Isn't this a fair account of what happend? Did CBCNN report it this way?

For people getting an overdoze of communist crap, papers like HT come as a whiff of fresh air.Is the Liar-in-Chief listening?

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