Friday, October 26, 2007

Who are the 'Others'

It is a pity to see the Chindu these days. It first had to bend over backwards to brush the Nandigram pogrom under the carpet. Now it has to grapple with the Rizwanur murder issue that has snowballed much to chindu's chagrin.So what does it do? Simple. Downplay, under report, hide facts and do anything that will not bring the state government into the picture.

Need an example? Here I go:

The agency, while registering an FIR against Ashok Todi and others under Section 302 of IPC, will now visit the area where Rizwanur's body was found.

Now, who are the 'others'?Why does Chindu not want its readers to know their 'background'?Why has there not been an editorial on this issue? Why are concern's about minority insecurity not being raised?

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