Friday, October 26, 2007

Yechury backtracks

Yechury's clarification is issued in full. Naxal Ravan would not give this luxury to any BJP leader. In fact, he would come out with a thumping editorial to perpetrate this falsification as truth by repeated assertion.

The Hindu : National : What Yechury said on reservation for Muslims
What Yechury said on reservation for Muslims


Anonymous said...

The problem with the Chief may be that he is over enthusiastic in trying to be more loyal than the king and more faithful than the Pope, more secular than the professional secularists, or shall we say, more comrady than hard core comrades!

Anonymous said...

As posted earlier The Chindu is a mouthpiece for comrades and we should read it only to understand the other side of their opinion. We cannot change the way they preach but can only make this site more popular.

Anonymous said...

Even after decades of pampering if the 'secular' parties cannot uplift the 'minorities', it means the pampering has been a collossal failure. So, any person with a brain would abandon this and ponder what can be done. That's a luxury the lunatics in Bengal are not blessed with. So they want to continue this fraud , perpetuate caste, continue to divide people and still want to be called 'secular', 'progressive' and 'champion of the downtrodden'.Do they care as to who is flourishing and who is languishing? The bosses of the marxists are well-heeled. They protest against the Indo-US joint Naval exercises in luxury Volvo buses.So, as long as this hypocricy gives them power, money and votes, do u think they will change tact?NEVER.

Anonymous said...

Sometime ago Chindu reported the sensational news that the late "Prince" Diana was on pill when she died in a car crash, years ago.

Now we are treated to more "Royal" news:

".........Kate Middleton, the then girlfriend of Prince William. (After a break, they are now seen together again.)"

Looks like the Chindu is getting to be a specialist in Buckingham (canal) News.

Anonymous said...


Raad "Princess" Diana in the above comment