Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bigoted Ram defends MoFo Husain's perversions

Look how cleverly worded the below sentence is. Naxal Ram is saying that MoFo Husain did not produce any obscene paintings but the bigoted elements labeled them so. I wish to see Naxal Ram's reaction if MoFo Husain had painted Naxal Ram's mother in the same way as Durga or Sarawati or Bharat Mata.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Only when warranted
They have been served on M.F. Husain on the basis of complaints made by bigoted elements that accused him of producing obscene paintings.


Srinath said...

Good Job !!! Lets rip Naxal Ram part by part until the whole world sees this rascal's intention.

Anonymous said...

The scope of Husain's artistic creations can be sufficiently enlarged to include the Chief's wife (ex and present), his award-winning daughter, other females in the Chindu family (eg. Malini P.) etc. etc. Perhaps, a wide canvas can be erected in front of Kasturi Buildings to accomodate Husain's depictions of the Chindu family.

AGworld said...

Does he have a mother?

Anonymous said...

A humble suggestion - Please try to use humour and sarcarm. Spindian Express offered great quality sarcasm and excellent usage of words, making it very entertaining. They would make Sahakar (Drummer) Gupta appear less of a villain and more of a joker.

Anonymous said...

i absolutely agree with you that humour and sarcasm were the key reasons why spindianexpress really impressed me and a lot of others too. and we need to add some spice to our offerings to make it entertaining.
1. i am not as gifted with these qualities. however, i will make a sincere effort to incorporate these.
2. chindu really projects itself more as serious journalism. one of the reasons why i adopt a serious tone. but this is no excuse to not include humour.
3. the focus during the first year was primarily to expose chindu. i was thinking of changing the tone but i am short of time. i am doing my best to post occassionally.

i am very glad to have andromeda supporting me now. i will work with him to adopt some changes in style.


Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion. Please change your moniker to a more appropriate "TheHindu Fundamentalist". (Because the idea is to restore The Hindu to its sober 'fundamentals' of factual reporting.) That would be tongue-in-cheek instead of a defiant "hindu fundamentalist."

Anonymous said...

I am very sorry. I haven't been able to write in for the last few days. I am hoping to return soon - Andromeda

xyz said...

Great Comments.Keep it up.