Monday, October 08, 2007

Taking double speak to new lows

On Saturday(6-Oct-07), CBCNN found it hard to hide its glee over the Supreme Court's order restraining the Gujarat Government from issuing possession letters vesting ownership rights over forest land in tribals.This found space on the Front page and CBCNN patted itself on the back thus:

A “Forest Bench,” comprising Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan and Justices Arijit Pasayat and S.H. Kapadia, passed the order after amicus curiae Harish Salve (acting on a report published by The Hindu on October 3) filed an application that ownership rights over forest land were handed over to 30 tribals by Chief Minister Narendra Modi on October 2. The Bench issued notice to the Gujarat government seeking its response to the application.

On Sunday, (7-Oct-07), the same Supreme Court came under fire from "intellectuals" who gathered in Chennai to "debate" the 'Limits of judicial authority’ .Only that they chose to debate the SC's stinging observations against the DMK govt and not the order against the Gujarat govt.

No prizes for guessing who the "intellectuals" were.Brinda Karat, Liar-in-Chief Ram, Kanimozhi, A Raja and a former judge.

Such comments were objectionable and reflected judicial overreach and encroached
on the role of the legislature

- Brinda Karat

No definition existed of what constituted scandalising a court or interfering
with the administration of justice.

- N Ram

Fair enough. Who decides what is judicial over reach and what is a welcome intervention?Is the Supreme court there to pass judgements to please the powers that be at Gopalan Bhawan and Gopalapuram?What the same court tells is gospel truth only when it castigates the BJP and its leaders in the Babri masjid case and Gujarat riots, restrains Modi from distributing land documents to tribals and saves CBCNN from Jayalalithaa's onslaught.Isn't this strange? or is this double speak?

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Anonymous said...

The anti-judge meeting seems to have been hastily convened at the behest of Chindu, though supposedly sponsored by an entity called "Naam" (Tamil for "We". The way the "intellectual" speakers have been photographed, one can easily guess who is trying to be projected.