Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An outrageous defense of a murderous attack

Chindu is stooping to new lows. The paper came up with an outrageous editorial on the naxal attack in Jharkhand that killed 18. Far from the acerbic tone it adopts when clobbering the BJP-RSS-VHP trio, the tone was (not) surprisingly mild. Now , let's hear what the Madras Moaoists had to say about their Jharkhand counterparts.

The conditions at a cultural programme organised in Chilkhadia village in Jharkhand on Friday night seemed ideal for the Maoists to strike

As pointed out earlier, blame the conditions. Had it not been conducive for an attack, the Moaists wouldn't have attacked. Damn the conditions. The conditions killed 18.The people had no business gathering at 1.00 AM on a Saturday night. They have to pay the price for their mistake.

Apparently, the target was Mr. Marandi’s brother Nunulal, but he managed to escape.

Does it really matter who the intended target was? It is a merciless massacre of the innocent.Is Ram suggesting that Anup was killed by mistake? Would the editorial have been any different had the Maoists succeeded in hitting their target? If Nunulal was the target, why did 18 others perish? When Israel carries out targeted assassinations of Palestinian leaders, Ram raises the roof. How is this attack any different?He is trying to defend the indefensible.And, does Chindu regret that the target escaped?

The group of Maoists is reported to have resorted to indiscriminate firing

This is an outrageous remark that smacks of a blatant bias. Ram still gives the benefit of doubt to the murderers by saying 'reported to have resorted'. Is he saying that they may not have actually fired and that only the reports say so?. When DMK goons attacked the BJP office in Chennai, Chindu published a photograph of DMK men pelting stones. However, the report said the DMK men 'allegedly' attacked the BJP office. However, such a luxury is strictly reserved for Ram's friends.

Over a dozen Maoist strikes have been reported this year in the corridor

Again, it is only a report. Not a matter of fact.

Given the situation on the ground in Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Bihar — which have emerged as the most vulnerable States in the naxalite corridor that extends from Andhra Pradesh to West Bengal — organising such events well into the night may be an invitation to the naxalites to strike.

Ahhh!! Now, having blamed the 'conditions', implicate the organizers. Ram has a point. If the organizers had not organized, the Maoists couldn't have attacked and innocent lives could have been saved. Jail the organizers.

Though the police were supposed to have provided security for the function, top police officers have been quoted as saying that many of the policemen on duty had left the scene

Now, drag the police into the mess. Give them their share of the blame.

Despite the regular reviews and meetings both at the Central and State levels, the security forces and the State police have not been able to contain the problem

Do not spare the governments and security forces either. They failed to contain the attackers.Why blame the poor Maoists?

..the Centre and the affected States must evolve a joint strategy to bring the Maoist groups to the negotiating table and address the serious socio-economic problems of the people, especially the tribals

Pin the blame on the socio-economic condition as well. The editorial seeks to 'identify' why the attack took place and the paper has made a mockery of itself with its foolish observations.

A group that unleashes terror on innocent civilians has no place in civil society. Doesn't this sound straight out of a Chindu editorial? Perhaps, yes. Chindu may make such vitriolic remarks when "serious incidents" - like MF Hussain's paintings getting vandalised or MS university barring Chandramohan from displaying his 'art' -take place . But when Maoists gun down 18 in cold blood, 'invite' them for talks, plead them to join the political mainstream and address socio-economic problems.

If there is a limit to absurdity, this is it and Chindu has breached it with characteristic ease. Groups like the Maoists must be liquidated. The state and central governments must come down on them with an iron hand. People who support them-overtly and covertly- must be severely punished. Chances are Ram himself might face the heat.The punishments should serve as a deterrent . What happened when the Burmese army cracked down on militants? The Centre must go all out and the Maoists will disintegrate unable to withstand the onslaught.

It is a shame that people with perverted mindset are allowed to influence public opinion . It is a disgrace that such people run a paper that not only shies away from calling a spade a spade, but also extends tacit support to such anti-national elements. The right to free speech does not give Mr Ram and his cohorts the right to spread misinformation and sex up stories.


Anonymous said...

Very good analysis. You ripped apart N.Ram's outrageous defense of a terrorist strike.

Anonymous said...

fantastic analysis HF.. brilliant