Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fwd: Naxal Ram fishing in troubled waters

what the reader's editor would never allow to be published in chindu.
this genuine and overwhelming public opinion is completely whitewashed
by chindu, in the typical communist fashion.


Dear people,

great job exposing The Communist!

here is another political act of N Ram and perhaps the first one in
Karnataka. He was in B'lore for reasons that God knows! and the next
morning The Chindu carried a report on H D Kumaraswamy's visit to The
Chindu office claiming that it was a surprise visit!!

but the real surprise was N Ram trying his hands in Karnataka
politics. He was the first one to write an editorial and concluding
that Kumaraswamy has had enough with BJP and parting ways is the only
way out! Non sense! BJP was the one who suffered a lot and had enough
of HD Kumaraswamy!
even the Karnataka journos were surprised to see Kumaraswamy making
time to meet N Ram amidst of such a busy schedule of him and amidst of
high political drama when 17 BJP ministers had resigned en masse.
The Chindu also doesnt believe that it was a betrayal by the Gowdas.
While reporting it makes use of inverted commas very intelligently!

The Chindu is definitely trying to fish in troubled waters!



Anonymous said...

Chindu is sadly reconciled to the inevitability in Gujarat and hence this desperation to contain BJP in Karnataka, by hook or crook. More than any political party, (pseudo)ideology-obsessed Chindu can not digest BJP legimately getting the CM's post at Bengaluru. The flimsy excuses given by the Gowda clan (BJP trying to convert Karnataka into "Hindutva laboratory" and other imbecile outpourings) reveal the real author behind the charade.

Jai said...

Welcome back, HF

Anonymous said...

never knew that Naxal ram wanted to be a power broker like Amar Singh.. he is likely to end up with egg on his face