Friday, October 26, 2007

Will you eat your words Ram?

When asked why CBCNN did not report the PM's outburst against the left in the interview the PM gave to 'The Telegraph', Ram said "One newspaper doesn’t generally reproduce what another publishes." Nobody asked him to reproduce the entire interview, but the master spinner chose to project it that way.

But weeks later, he publishes the complete transcript of Narendra Modi's interview with Karan Thapar.

Today, there is a report on Tehelka's 'sting operation' 'exposing' Modi's 'complicity' in the riots.

So what prevented Ram from reporting the PM's Telegraph interview?


Anonymous said...

Not only Chindu published the complete transcript of Narendra Modi's interview with Karan Thapar, but also extended the campagin to its "Letters" section, by pumping in anti-Modi letters for three or four days non-stop, as if Modi has been knocked down in a big boxing match.

What Chindu did not convey was that Karan Thapar came to Modi's place and started irght away abusing the latter in the most patronising way.

Anonymous said...

Thought N Ram was an intellectual but came out a crony of communists wagging his tails at their bidding with no grey matter worth mentioning, his paper runs due to reds edicts to their cadre