Monday, October 08, 2007

Rizwanur v/s Shorabuddin

Remember Sorabuddin Shiek ? The man who was a victim of "fake" encounter. The Chindu worked overtime to "prove" the collusion of the Gujarat government and the state police. It published sensational stories attributed to Geetha Johri, the investigating officer, and declared that the Modi govt was stifling justice. There was a sharp refutal from Geetha herself and CBCNN published an apology the next day.It later became clear that police from Congrees ruled Andhra too were involved . Then CBCNN went slow.

Why are we discussing this case? There is one Mr Rizwanur who died under mysterious circumstances. Rizwanur recently married a Hindu girl against her family's wishes. Why is CBCNN not giving the prominance it gave to Sorabuddin Shiek?

It's simple. Rizwanur died in Kolkata and it is the Bengal police that is getting flak from national media. Did he die in Gujarat for CBCNN to make a spectacle out of it?

No condemnation. No caustic editorials demanding justice.No opinion pieces condemning the government.Only a careful effort to cover the issue from the sidelines without even remotely implicating the state administration.As an add on, you get a generous dose of Brinda Karat visiting the victim's family and assuring them of all help.What else do you expect from a Marxist mouth piece?


Anonymous said...

In the professional lingo, they call it "getting caught with the pants down". Poor Chindu. It would rather wish this story not coming into the light. But, Jyotida (or is it dada?) himself is poking his nose into the matter. So, Chindu prefers to give some token coverage and diverts attention to bash the supreme court judges, big time.

Anonymous said...

IPS Officers' list of Cal Police showing land & cellphones appear at The main suspects are at Sl. No. 19, 141 & 142. Why don't u all tell them a simple msg "We want death penalty for the supari killers of Rizwanur Rahman"?

If u r calling from BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd) u can send a voice mail by dialling 1256. see for details.

Anonymous said...

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