Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A vituperative outburst against Modi

Chindu is upset that Modi is bringing development and campaigning on his achievements rather than pandering to muslim interests. And so it is trying its best to distort truths.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : The Muslim question in Gujarat
The violence inherent in the Godhra aftermath extinguished all debate, forcing the Congress, the principal opposition party, to conduct a low-key campaign that skirted the most obvious election issue: The sadism visited on Muslims.

Yet this normal election seems no less contemptuous of a community that forms over nine per cent of the State’s population. In 2002, the debate targeted Muslims. In 2007, the debate has bypassed Muslims. The community has been kept out of the discourse by an unspoken consensus that includes Mr. Modi, the Congress and the anti-Modi dissidents.

Yet the Chief Minister was to turn hostile on the question of Muslims. Asked where Muslims figured in his vision of Gujarat, he flared up: “I don’t like this thinking. I work for five-and-a-half crore Gujaratis. For me, anyone who lives here is a Gujarati, and I will not allow politics to come into this.”


Anonymous said...

Well, Chindu and comrades are there to take care of a "community that forms over nine per cent of the State’s population." Hence, logically Modi should take care of the rest ninety one per cent. But, Chindu is terribly disappointed that Modi replied that he cares for the whole of Gujarat. "Divide and sell (papers)" seems to be the motto of Chindu.

Anonymous said...

Chindu, past master in the game of "Divide and Earn", takes care to exhibit its special concern for the "minority community" in the forthcoming Gujarat state elections. Of course, this special concern for the "minorities" will not manifest itself when it comes to Kashmir!


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