Friday, October 26, 2007

"Secular" CPM calls for religion-based reservations

The Hindu : National : CPI(M) for religion as a criterion for quota
Communist Party of India (Marxist) Polit Bureau member and Rajya Sabha MP Sitaram Yechury on Thursday said his party favoured an amendment to the Constitution for including religion as a criterion for providing reservation benefits.
"Secular" CPM wants "secular" to be removed from our constitution. What do you think are the chances that Chindu will condemn this in an editorial?
Now there were two ‘Indias’ — one that was shining and the other suffering. If the gap between the two had to be narrowed, the condition of Muslims had to be improved.
How to identify muslims? Sitaram Yechury comes out with the brilliant idea - all suffering people in India are muslims.

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Anonymous said...

Why can't comrade Y spell out the conditions of their pet minority group in Bengal? Are the minorities shining or suffering in the ever Red land? Why not make Bengal the model state based on Sachar? Comrades should lead the way in "religion-based reservations" and reserve the post of CM to a Muslim and let the Babus be pracharaks or real proletariat.