Wednesday, October 31, 2007

JD(S)-BJP alliance distateful : N.Ram

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The JD(S) was not willing to honour its commitment to hand over thechief ministership to the BJP which withdrew support amidst charges ofbetrayal of trust.
JD(S) did not honour its commitment but the BJP still gets bashed for putting forward the charges.
With the Congress unable or unwilling to do business with the JD(S) again, President’s rule became inevitable...
Congress' mistake is that it was not able to secure power by any means, inspite of the golden opportunity. Even Negotiator.Ram came down to Bangalore to resolve the stalemate.
The Congress too must take some part of the blame for the vitiatedpolitical atmosphere, having let local factors get in the way ofbuilding better relations with the JD(S), the party it had originallyteamed up with.
What even-handedness. Congress is blamed for looking at local factors rather than the larger objective of securing power. Napolean.Ram is literally begging Congress to grab power at any expense.
While from the standpoint of political morality elections would be the ideal way of pulling the State out of the present morass,
That communist high moral ground. We know what these bloody hypocrites stand for. Naxal.Ram was there to broker a deal between Congress and JD(S). Talking of ethics, this communist has no inhibition in selling his daughter to secure a power deal. Does he not have the history of selling his mother to China.
... thwart the formation of the BJP-JD(S) government, however distasteful it may be to them.
Naxal.Ram is discussing his personal tastes.

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