Monday, October 08, 2007

Hindu v/s Hindustan Times

Tamil Nadu is getting to resemble Kerala and West Bengal when it comes to bandhs. Why should the public suffer just because the politicians here want to make a point. If Karunanidhi wants to go on a hunger strike, he is most welcome. But why prevent buses and autorickshaws from plying?” asked Parvathi, a schoolteacher from Kerala looking for transport to her daughter’s residence

“It is really strange when a government does not mind its citizens going hungry but makes sure they got their daily alcohol fix,” quipped Pradeep, who works in a mobile company and stays in a lodge at Triplicane. His main task was to go looking for breakfast, though Triplicane has more than two dozen eateries — all of which had downed their shutters since the DMK’s fasting venue was just a kilometre away.

- Hindustan Times' coverage of the DMK bandh

The Hindu's office too is just a kilometre away. Isn't it a bit strange that you have to read a Delhi based paper to hear the views of people residing a kilometer from CBCNN's HQ?

What prevented CBCNN from airing "people's voice"?


pragmatic said...

why go to a Delhi based newspaper? we have The New Indian Express doing a great job here at Chennai itself. Read this piece of editorial.

pragmatic said...

sorry, here is the correct one.

Anonymous said...

Chindu itself admitted that the strike (or bandh, or whatever name the commies can christen it) was state-sponsored, as published in the following article. Then, why get angry when the judge makes a valid remark? In addition to the flights getting cancelled, there was a huge dislocation and inconvenience caused to ordinary folks due to a bunch of politicians occupying the centre of an important road (blocking traffic) to pretend "fasting" that too only for a few hours. What a farce!

Over 30 domestic flights cancelled

Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: More than 30 domestic flights, both out-bound and incoming, were cancelled in Chennai in view of the general strike called by the State Government.