Saturday, August 11, 2007

N.Ram does not condemn attack on Taslima

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Woman of courage
Writers and artists have been targeted many times by the fundamentalist fringe in India but the cowardly attack on Taslima Nasrin is a first on several counts. The exiled Bangladeshi feminist writer was roughed up in the full glare of cameras during a function held at the Hyderabad Press Club. The goons belonging to the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen were led by three party MLAs. Far from being remorseful, Majlis president Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi said the three le gislators and four others who were arrested “deserved a pat on their back for what they have done”; and noted regretfully that “we should have done more.” Other Majlis leaders threatened to kill Ms. Nasrin if she set foot in Hyderabad again. Under the circumstances, there is a widespread feeling that those responsible for the attack — who were charged with rioting, trespass, and criminal intimidation and released on bail in a few hours after arrest — were let off lightly under the aegis of a soft government. While the Majlis is not a formal ally of the ruling Congress in Andhra Pradesh, it has some kind of understanding with it. This was in evidence when the Majlis backed the Congress candidate in last year’s Karimnagar Parliamentary by-election.

N.Ram has stated the facts till now. Where is the opinion?
The attack was first on several counts? Is N.Ram suggesting that this is the first time Muslim have targeted dissent with violence?
There is a "feeling" that those responsible for the attack were let off lightly. No condemnation of this let off by N.Ram. No sermons to the "soft" Congress government.
The attack could have been prevented had the organiser of the function
informed the police in advance about the presence of Ms. Nasrin
Finally, N.Ram points the finger and it is at the organiser -- how brilliant.But the muslim angst needs a few words of comfort. And N.Ram does exactly that in his next line. The MIM aggressiveness is justified on political grounds. If N.Ram can get so dirty, he might as well get naked.
Concerted efforts by political rivals — particularly, the Communist
Party of India (Marxist), which has highlighted the utter lack of
development in this area — to break the Majlis’ hold over the Old City
seem to have rattled its leadership.
Hail the communist party, naked.ram.
As for Ms. Nasrin, she has been a target of Islamists ever since the publication of Lajja,
a novel that captures her response to the anti-Hindu riots that broke
out in parts of Bangladesh following the demolition of the Babri Masjid
in late 1992. Her account of the communal frenzy a
nd the mistreatment of the Hindu minority made her persona non grata
in Bangladesh. Her views on religion, sexual freedom, and women’s
emancipation have led to death threats from Muslim fundamentalists.
Then he goes on to discredit Taslima.

Does Naxal.Ram condemn the attack? No.
Does he blame the muslim party? No
Does he blame the muslim fundamentalists? No

Does he blame Taslima? Yes
Does he blame the organisers? Yes
Does he justify muslim anger? Yes
Does he praise CPM? Yes

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Anonymous said...

Chindu perhaps finding itself idle and without much of work, decided to take on the Chief Election Commissioner (and behind this michievous reporting of casting aspersions on the CEC, is the ulterior motive of protecting Navin Chawla who sits in the election comission as the de facto representative of Sonia).

We can also see how Chindu is charitable to Mr. Gopalaswami by saying he "clarifies", instead of saying his "rebuttal" to Chindu's report.

"Gopalaswami clarifies on Supreme Court affidavit"

Here is Chindu's earlier mischief:

"Gopalaswami’s stand opposed"

Special Correspondent

HF version said...

Brilliant HF. Keep up the good work.