Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Allegations and claims

While Modi's statements are allegations, the opposition's are claims. Balanced reporting, Chindu style.

The Hindu : National : Land allotment: Modi’s ultimatum to Centre
Speaking at the official State-level Independence Day celebrations after unfurling the national flag in Mehsana, Mr. Modi blamed the Centre for the alleged delay in the allotment of plots to tribals.

Claiming that the common people were not getting justice in the Modi
administration, Mr. Patel said: “Is not injustice to the people the
most indisciplined act?”


Anonymous said...

�Press should respond to new challenges�

P. S. Suryanarayana

News media in India cannot afford to be complacent, says N. Ram:

About FDI into the Indian media scene, Mr. Ram said: �From Nehru�s time, the policy is not to allow any foreign participation in newspapers dealing with news and current affairs..."

Very interesting speech by the Editor-in-Chief. The policy of GoI may not be to allow "direct" participation. But, we can see "indirect" and heady foreign participation in Chindu itself! Except that China, perhaps, is not considered a "foreign" country by comrade editor!

socal said...

Atleast Chindu accepts that Modi's are allegations and not outright lies. Though one should not be surprised if Chindu starts saying so.

Btw Chindu is now full of CPM's position on nuke deal. Chinese masters don't seem to like the deal and the obvious strategic embrace. And whenever China coughs CPM takes to bed. No wonder they comrade commisar is frothing at his mouth over the nuke deal.