Friday, August 24, 2007

Chindu parades "prominent intellectuals" in an attempt to manufacture news

A motley group of leftists have been gathered to speak against the nuclear deal and suddenly Chindu sees a groundswell opposition against the deal. These peoples have proved their "prominent intellectuals" status by supporting the Left and speaking against the communal forces.

The Hindu : Front Page : UPA urged not to act in haste
Prominent intellectuals caution government against the agreement

“Considering that a majority of the Indian Parliament is opposed to the
‘deal’ as it currently stands, it is outrageous and despicable to
suggest that a section of this opposition is taking its cue from China
or Iran or elsewhere, or that foreign policy is being ‘communalised’.
No one needs a certificate of patriotism from the communal forces and
their friends in the media.

The Left Parties have acted in a most responsible fashion in refusing
to join the BJP-inspired moves to bring down this government. They have
not demanded that the agreement be repudiated as such.


Anonymous said...

Quite interesting. The very same group of prominents did not care to rise against Chindu when it hailed the deal as honourable two weeks ago!

Now that Chindu goes against PM Singh, suddenly the group of professional secularists and anti-imperialists spring up from nowhere to demand their pound of flesh.

Anonymous said...

Only three among those names of prominent loons sound familiar.

Prudent Indian said...

ummmm....Quite an impressive list of "professional intellectuals".I wonder where are the other two ICONS of 'professional secularism',Teesta and her Secular hubby Javed Anand. Man any 'secular' platform is incomplete with out these two.

And of course media do have "communal" elements but what about the Communists having their own paper called the Chindu!

When they speak about national interest they speak truth,only difference between their national Interest and our is that we are talking about India and they are talking about China.