Saturday, August 18, 2007

CPM propaganda on nuclear deal

Karat filled up all the political space in Chindu. What can be more important for Chindu than Leftist talk.

The Hindu : Front Page : Don’t go ahead with nuclear deal: CPI(M)
The party on whose support the government depends for its survival cited the “widespread opposition” to the agreement and the fact that “a majority in Parliament do not support” it.

The Hindu : National : CPI (M) Polit Bureau statement on nuclear deal
This is the text of the CPI(M) Polit Bureau resolution.

The Hindu : National : Put nuclear deal on hold: Karat
In an article in the latest issue of People’s Democracy, he says a wise and expedient step for the government would be to acknowledge that “there is widespread opposition to the agreement.”

The Hindu : Front Page : Congress consults allies on Left parties’ stance


Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to be indulging in desperate wishful thinking that nothing should happen to the UPA govt. Hence, the cleverly edited frontpage headlines (print edition, Sunday, Aug 19, 2007)-

"Don't go ahead with nuclear deal: CPI (M)".

"I do not see an ultimatum: Pranab"

Now, this is how two other papers see it:

"CPM threatens to withdraw support"
(The New Indian Express, print edition, first page, Sunday, Aug 19, 2007).

"Choose Between Indo-US Deal Or Power At Centre, Warns CPM Politburo" (Economic Times, first page, Sunday, Aug 19, 2007).

Anonymous said...

Suddenly Chindu makes the discovery that the UPA is running a "minority government".

And then as usual tons of advice and commentary:

"For a mild-mannered Prime Minister who leads a government dependent on external support for survival, Manmohan Singh is demonstrating obduracy of a strange and unreasonable kind."

Front Page

"Put the nuclear deal on hold" (Editorial)

But, the funniest part is Chindu, on its own admission has "editorially endorsed" the PM's nuclear deal with the US, just a few days ago.

So, what has changed since then? Matru bhoomi to the north seems to have great objections and apprehensions at the sight of India and US joining together. In turn, Desi comrades have to show their objections and displeasure, now dutifully reflected in CBCNN.

Anonymous said...

i could not help laughing when i read that the upa is a minority government.
have been terribly busy to blog on it.