Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Left is irrelevant : Telegraph

The Telegraph - Calcutta : Nation
Such behind-the-scenes bipartisanship in promoting “national interest” on an issue that successive governments in New Delhi will be seized of for the next decade, at least, is believed to have been partly behind Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s surprise decision to call the Left’s bluff on the nuclear deal in an exclusive interview to The Telegraph during the weekend.

Clearly, the Prime Minister was aware of all this while telling the Left that enough was enough.

The implication was that the Left was
irrelevant. He added that the “relevant” opposition “may have
differences on aspects of the 123 Agreement. But fundamentally they
agree that Indo-US relations are important”, he added.

Prime Minister, too, it would seem from all this, believes that
opposition from the Left to the nuclear deal is irrelevant, at least
for now.

While the Telegraph is dismissive of Left, as it should rightly be, Chindu goes into ecstatic frenzy projecting the crucial role played the Left on the nuclear deal.

The Hindu : Front Page : Left to focus on impact of deal
The Indo-U.S. nuclear deal would come under the focus of the two Left parties at a possible meeting on Tuesday which would include a discussion on the strategy to be adopted in Parliament.

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