Thursday, August 23, 2007

Indian communists more loyal to China

What did you think, this article appeared in Chindu? No way. Hear it from the retired Col. what we have known all along about the communists.

Indian Marxists and their evil designs -
Following the footsteps of Marx, the Indian communists have deep hatred of anything Indian and are opponents of any kind of pride in Indian heritage. The communists also hold that India is not one nation but a ‘collection of nationalities’.

Another major tenet of Indian Marxist’s orthodoxy is that for national reconstruction you have to first destroy the existing nation.

The communists have had many ideological splits. Communists in India
are splintered into several groupings like the CPI, CPM, CPI (M-L),
Maoists and the People’s War Group. But despite several ‘historical
blunders’ that they keep committing with regularity, they have all
remained steadfast to the twin agenda of weakening and destroying the
existing Indian nation and obliterate the ‘bourgeois’ notion of pride
in India’s past.

Thus in 1942 the communists not just supported the British but
also acted as their stool pigeons. Many underground revolutionaries
were betrayed to the British secret police, who went on to hang them.
George Orwell has written extensively on this subject and evidence of
this is littered in declassified files of British India, now available
at India Office Library and Records in London.

Subhas Chandra Bose, who fought for Indian freedom and was no
Japanese stooge, was denounced as fascist and vilified by the Marxists.
In today’s communist-ruled Bengal, the towering contributions of Swami
Vivekananda are a distant memory and sought to be pushed out of public
memory. Neither is Aurobindo Ghosh remembered. All the three are
inconvenient to Marxist ideology.

On November 13, 1962 while replying to the discussions in the Rajya
Sabha, Lal Bahadur Shastri pointed out that Jyoti Basu equated India
with China during the war and called the Chinese aggression as provoked
by Indian statements and “across an imaginary line called MacMohan
line”. But the Marxists were not merely satisfied with words. Kalimpong
town had become a den of Chinese spies. Every move of the Indian army
was monitored and reported to the enemy. Like in 1942, the communists
played a major role in helping the Chinese.

The long-time ideological opponents of Indian nationalism painted a
frightening scenario when India tested nuclear weapons in 1998. They
had greeted with a deafening silence each of the 45 declared nuclear
tests carried out by China since 1964. How come that throughout this
feverish pursuit by China of the means of nuclear deterrence, the
Indian communists never showed the slightest anxiety about a possible
outbreak of a nuclear war in Asia? The answer lies in their conviction
that China's policy stemmed from genuine nationalism as distinguished
from India's alleged pseudo-nationalism.

The Common Minimum Programme talks about changing the Indo-Israel
relations. The allusion is directly to the defence relationship. It is
through this that India had been promised the Falcon airborne system
that would give India a decided advantage over China and Pakistan in
air battles. China too wanted this system but the contract was
cancelled under American pressure. Now by downgrading relations with
US, the Marxists wish to cripple Indian defence and help China.

In all their plans of spreading communism in India, the
Marxists believe that the strong Indian armed forces are the biggest
obstacle. Their hatred of the armed forces is seen through many petty
acts that the West Bengal government regularly inflicts on the armed
forces personnel. Presently the Indian army seems to be getting an
upper hand over the Pakistani sponsored terrorists thanks to the
infantry equipment and training co-ordination with Israelis. The
Marxists hope that severing this link will automatically weaken the
armed forces, their biggest adversary.


Anonymous said...

Good expose by the Col. His comments on the "poor" Marxists is interesting.

"Most of the time, the communists mask their real agenda under a constant propaganda about their concern for poor. It is another matter that in their disclosure to the election commission most champions of poor Communists happen to be millionaires several times over. (The Statesman, April 22, 2004. Somnath Chatterji's declared assets exceed Rs 5 crore)."

He could have as well added a line on the millionaire Marxist press barons.

Anonymous said...

He could have as well added a line on the millionaire Marxist press barons.... who go to the imperialistic heartland of USA to get educated. Hypocritic communists.

Anonymous said...

Our comrades are loyal to brave China and China is terribly afraid of Dalai Lama. See how it goes to ridiculous extremes to contain him!

And our commies are not tired of talking rationalism, secularism, scientific socialism etc., taking inspiration from Mao's land.

"Checkmate Lama: Living Buddha needs govt nod"

Economic Times, Chennai, Friday 24 August 2007 (page 22):

Notwithstanding the inherent absurdity of the action, China has banned Buddhist monks from "reincarnating" without government permission. As of September 1, China's state administration of religious affairs (SARA) will begin managing reincarnation, in a barely concealed move to try and checkmate the 14th Dalai Lama.