Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Muslims are victims of major terrorism strikes: Naxal Ram

Naxal Ram is claiming that it has been aeons since a terrorist strike against non-Muslims has occurred. Let us all forget this Hyderabad attack and go back to looking at the welfare of the tortured Muslims.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Resurgent terror, wider implications
Many in India’s strategic community fear that the bombings in Hyderabad — the first major strike directed at non-Muslim civilians since the Mumbai serial bombings of 2006 ...


Anonymous said...

The British were notorious for their "divide and rule" policy in Bharat. Now, Chindu carries on the colonial tradition by adopting "divide and report" policy. Now that the most recent terror strike in Hyderabad has been characterised by Chindu as an attack on "non-Muslim" targets, the seculars can go to sleep and need not organise glamorously branded protests and marches (i.e. no Teesta, no Shabna and of course, no Brinda). Human rights wallahs will disappear into hibernation and money saved on candle purchases.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions here..off-topic
Till when will a minority community remain "minority"?
Till that kid who when born will overtake the numbers of the "majority"?
Will it be till the point where that golden minority baby who will be the 68 million 82 hundred and 22nd of thy subjugated community who will waltz pass the oppressing 68 million 82 hundred and 21st majority community brute?
And what will Ram,the Karats,PrAnnoy,Sen.Paswan and Teetsah have to say then?
Or is there some bandwidth that the "till then" minority community will be offered by the hon. citizens aforementioned?
Something like a 20 million to offset the undue disadvantage caused by the Bombay ryots and the Gujrat Pahgrom(The missing golden generation who would have otherwise ploinked on the scene as progenies well ahead of that point in time)?

BTW,what will happen to the peacful two percent community ?