Sunday, August 26, 2007

CPI(M) was opposing it at the behest of China

Selective reporting can twist facts. I have so often demonstrated how Chindu reports only one side of the story, or does selective reporting, or passes judgment while reporting events -- all these are journalistic anathema. By using Chindu's journalistic code book, is it not fair to say that CPM was opposing the nuclear deal at the behest of China.

Do the same correspondent write for both Chindu and "People's Democracy"?

The Hindu : Front Page : “By all counts, nuclear power is most expensive”
“Since the first joint statement on strategic partnership released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and U.S. President George Bush in July 2005, we have been drawing attention to the dangers of India being turned into a supplicant of U.S. imperialism,” the party organ, People’s Democracy, says in an editorial in its latest issue.

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