Friday, August 03, 2007

Leftist hypocrisy

Here is another to add to the innumerable instances of communist hypocrisy. What is applicable to West Bengal is not applicable to India.

The Hindu : National : Basu: stir undemocratic
Referring to the Left struggle for land distribution to the poor in Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Basu said “it is pointless” to compare it with the Nandigram agitation, which is “undemocratic” while the “one in Andhra Pradesh is democratic.”


Jai said...

This is not hypocrisy. It is commies living in their own Orwellian twilight world. The commie 'cause' is above and beyond the reach of logic of us, commons.

Anonymous said...

The title should have been "Comrade N Ram's Hypocrisy". Because China being officially undemocratic doesn't prevent Comrade Editor from singing hosannahs to it, you see.

Anonymous said...

Tibetan film-maker exposes the ugly underbelly of India's Chiense National Newspaper:

Anonymous said...

Here is a poser to comrade Chindu from the above link:

"Would any Chinese newspaper publish a defence of India's sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh in the manner in which The Hindu and Frontline see fit to blindly defend the Chinese line on Tibet? Or does Mr Ram have a different measure for basic democratic freedoms in different countries?"

Surely, comrade would feel uncomfortable in replying as the article exposes the extra-territorial (and blind) loyalties of the Kasturi Building Marxists.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

thanks for the pointer on Tenzing Sonam's letter.