Tuesday, August 28, 2007

CBCNN ridicules Vendanta university

The Vedanta university, being a philanthropic venture by a Hindu and not a catholic, deserves ridicule. The article's tone is dismissive. It could well have talked about how the plan is ambitious and discussed the challenges. But such an attitude is reserved only for the Chinese grandiosity.

The Hindu : Opinion / News Analysis : Vedanta University: a flawed pipe dream
While it is always a good deed when one of the world’s richest men takes an interest in higher education, it is unlikely that Vedanta University will achieve the desired results, no matter how much money Mr. Agarwal spends on it.

Given the contemporary realities, one cannot be very optimistic about
Vedanta’s chances for success. Let us hope that those funding the
project will have the foresight to anticipate the problems and maximise
the chances for success.

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Anonymous said...

It is somewhat curious why Chindu got to pick on this topic (when there are so many other burning topics around), that too authored by someome from Boston. Perhaps the name "Vedanta" may be the reason. If it had been a "Madrassa-e-....." or "Our own Lady....", it would not have been a problem with the comrades.

Or, is it a diversion to steer the folks away from the raging nuke issue?